About ItaliaPass

ItaliaPass is the premier member savings program for all things Italy. With the ItaliaPass, you can enjoy everything from hotel accommodations, to tours, train tickets, car rentals and more - all at discounted prices. The next time you plan your trip to Italy, make sure to include the ItaliaPass as part of your repertoire in creating an amazing vacation experience. As the experts on all things Italy, the ItaliaPass was created by Top Inc. 500 entrepreneur Mike Fuller, under the ItaliaRail brand as a way for his customers to get the most out of traveling in Italy via train. We guarantee that with the ItaliaPass, you will not only enjoy yourself more but also have more money to spend while doing it!

Here are the ItaliaPass benefits:

And there's so much more on the horizon for ItaliaPass customers, because once you're in the ItaliaPass family, you will automatically receive updated offers when they arrive; meaning that the more you visit Italy, the more you get to take advantage of all our fantastic deals, present, and future! Knowing this, you can be sure to make the most out of your time by signing up today right here on the ItaliaPass site. Contact us for any questions you may have, and we'll see you in Italy - Ciao!

Member Benefits

Access to hundreds in savings for Italy’s best activities and events